Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I think most of the penang-lang tried Max Gourmet at Gurney Plaza before. This is one of my all time favorite restaurant for Cantonese style cuisine too. The best ever dish you cant find anywhere else is the fried radish cake and the second best is the steamed glutinous rice with chicken. Trust me, order this and you wont get dissapointed. In fact they have so many best dishes that i would recommend like the spicy and sour beehoon soup, steamed keow teow with fish and the duck rice.

There are many people most of the time so if you were planning for a relax meals while chatting with friends, this is not the right restaurant because you will feel the pressure of people standing beside you waiting for table. Unless you went there not during the lunch/dinner time, you will be able to enjoy you food slowly then.

The best fried radish cake ever

Steamed glutinous rice with chicken

Duck rice for my daughter

dumpling soup-not the best though, but for my duaghter
My rating:
Taste: XXXXX
Service : XXXX (very fast)
Environment : XXX (a bit hot)
Price: $$ (very reasonable)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Heaven Gate

The name itself has made me excited, so do the food! We went there at lunch time and they only served set lunch, so we don't have much choices (a slight disappointment at first). I ordered the seafood spaghetti and my husband ordered the chicken dish. The food turns out to be very delicious, way above our expectation and the price is reasonable too.

I like the spaghetti with just nice amount of cheese and not so oily taste. It has such a aromatic smell and the prawn are very fresh. The chicken is awesome too! Tender and not dry. Overall we like the food so much and will sure to come back next time for dinner to try out their a la carte menu. In fact I think they should serve a la carte menu during lunch time too cause their choices of set lunch is really limited.

The romantic environment of Heaven Gate

seafood spaghetti
You can find more info at their fb :

My rating:
Taste: XXXXX
service: XXXX
environment: XXXX
price: $$ (very reasonable for the set lunch menu)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Miraku-Japanese Restaurant

Last month my husband suggested this Japanese restaurant at G Hotel, Gurney - Miraku. So we give it a try and it was not bad. Er..I wont say it was the best maybe because we didn't order the most expensive dishes or their signature dishes.

Japanese food in penang
Entrance to Miraku Restaurant
We ordered the Sake Sashimi set and the hot pot (forgot the actual name). It was not bad but I complaint that the soup is not very hot as i expected it to be, but the seafood taste inside the soup was just nice. I would consider it a normal taste of Japanese food which doesn't really WOW me, or maybe because our expectation for Japanese food is rather high? Japanese food is rather common in Malaysia/Penang, and I think that's the reason for the high expectation for japanese restaurant.
One good point about this restaurant is the setting of table are very spacious from each other so you dont feel disturb while enjoying your meal. :)
Sake Sashimi set

forgotten the name of this dish :)

My rating :
Taste: XXXX
Environment: XXXXX
Price: $$$$
(X-lowest; XXXXX-highest)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

David Brown's restaurant-Penag Hill

My initial impression of David Brown's restaurant at Penang hill was very good. However it turns out to be totally sucks after we tried the dishes there. Why so? The food is not nice at all and the service is even worst.
It was around 5pm that we entered the restaurant with my friends. Some of us was not ready for dinner yet, and I just want to let my daughter have some food since she didn't eat at all during lunch time.

The first bad impression : We asked the waiter if they served any rice dish and the answer is: No we dont, you can go to the food court down there if you want rice.
It implies that high class restaurant doesnt served rice is it? too cheap? What the heck! he is Malaysian and he dont know asian culture like to eat rice meh?
BUT what's more on my nerve is I manage to find the dish with rice after have to go through all the menu mah...see the picture below, Rice with chicken!

Second bad impression: The waiter took 4 or 5 extra plates and utensil, then i told him not need, as my friend they just have the drink and not eating (we are not sharing) . The answer : He insist to put it there and said that maybe they wanna try rudely.
Just because we order only 2 dishes doesnt mean that we wanna share, it was just for my daughter and me!!! hello!!!

Third bad impression :  The food is really sucks for the price that we paid. The main dish each cost RM42 and the spaghetti doesn't taste like usual bolongise i have had..worst than what the pizza hut served. Though the seafood is fresh- the only plus point. The chicken and rice dish, the source is like carbonara source but the broccoli as hard as it never cooked.
Conclusion is : We'll never go back to this restaurant, although the view is very nice as it can oversee the penang island. Really not worth the money spent.

My rating: (X-Worst, XXXXX-Best)
Taste: X
Price: $$$$$
Environrment: XXXX

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A warm welcome!

Welcome to my blog talking about FOOD! Yes, be it good or bad food, Asian or Western. I started the idea of writing this blog when my lovely husband suddenly commit to bring me out once a month for "good" food at new restaurant that we never tried before. This means i should at least have the source of writing once a month :)

Not only I'm going to blog about good food in Malaysia but also those we have tried overseas during our vacation. Good food bring good memories. I'm so excited to share and let's begin with the unforgettable beef we have had back in year 2008.

Have you ever tried the beef that melt in your mouth? We did and it was at Takayama, Japan ( As you can see from the photo below, it was served plain without any seasoning and we just need to cook it on a barbecue pit. We especially love the beef with cube shape, and you ask me why? It's so tender and juicy that it burst out when you bite it and it's flavourful too. We are beef lovers and had tried so many beef in US, Europe and New Zealand, but believe me, none can win over our heart again this. It's the best and unforgettable gastronomy experience for us so far.

The unseasoned beef
 It should be easy to find the restaurant asTakayama is a small town where you can explore it by foot. Just watch out for this restaurant as shown in below picture.
The restaurant at Takayama, Japan

Our rating
Taste: XXXXX
Environment: XXXXX
Price: $$$$$

(p/s: X- lowest, XXXXX -highest)